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Choosing the Right Preschool

After ten years of blissful marriage, my husband and I are finally ready to start a family. Because I’m a certified secondary English teacher and a former accounting instructor, education is extremely important to me. When my future child enters kindergarten, I want him or her to be fully prepared for success. Therefore, I know my choice of a preschool to send my little one is a crucial one. Do you have a child who is almost ready to start attending preschool? If you haven’t selected an educational institution for your kid, you need to start looking immediately. On this blog, you will learn the characteristics of a first-rate preschool. Enjoy!

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Going Back To Work And Looking For A Daycare For Your Baby? What To Look For In A Daycare

If you had a baby and it is now time for you to go back to work, this can be very hard on you. It can be easier on you, however, if you find a good daycare for your child. Below are some things you should look for in a daycare, so you can feel better about leaving your baby and going back to work.

Experience and Qualifications

The daycare providers should all be certified in CPR. You also want to ask the owner of the daycare if they have a degree, such as in early childhood education. The teachers should also have the right type of training to teach children. This training may be done at the daycare for them or the teachers may also have degrees or certifications. Along with degrees and training, the daycare teachers should have experience working with children of all ages.

Food that is Served

Another important part of daycare is what food they serve to the children, such as the meals and snacks. Everything they serve should be healthy and safe for the children to eat. Because you have a baby, the daycare should stay on the same schedule as you at home. They should also never prop the bottles, but instead hold the baby and the bottle while feeding them.

Physical and Verbal Interaction

Visit the daycare and look for physical and verbal interaction between the caregivers and the children. The kids should be engaged while playing or while listening to a book that is being read. If the kids seem to be bored, then they are not getting enough interaction.  Watch the teachers and see if they are involved in play, such as sitting on the floor with the children.

Daily Activities

Ask the daycare owner what activities they offer to the children. This is important when your child is older as daycare can get them ready for kindergarten. The activities they should offer are reading books, learning how to count, doing science activities, and much more. The kids should also get enough exercise, such as dancing or skipping.

Older children should do creative activities such as drawing, coloring, and creating things on their own. For example, they should be provided with things like crayons, pencils, and paint to create drawings. This can bring out the creativeness in your child.

Visit many daycares in your area until you find one that you are comfortable with.