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Choosing the Right Preschool

After ten years of blissful marriage, my husband and I are finally ready to start a family. Because I’m a certified secondary English teacher and a former accounting instructor, education is extremely important to me. When my future child enters kindergarten, I want him or her to be fully prepared for success. Therefore, I know my choice of a preschool to send my little one is a crucial one. Do you have a child who is almost ready to start attending preschool? If you haven’t selected an educational institution for your kid, you need to start looking immediately. On this blog, you will learn the characteristics of a first-rate preschool. Enjoy!

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How To Get Kids Moving And Interested In Exercise

These days a lot of kids are more interested in playing inside with games on their computer, console, phone or tablet, rather than playing outside. It can be difficult to compete with the thrill they get from their video games, but being active is very important for your child's health. Sedentary activities can lead to childhood obesity or adult obesity. It's up to you to teach your child the importance of exercise early in their life. See below for tips on how to get kids moving.

Make It Fun

  • Inside. Turn the inside of your home into an obstacle course in cold winter months. Grab pillows, streamers, tape and blankets to create a course for your kids to crawl through, over, under and across. Use tape to make hopscotch in the house. Take streamers and stretch several lines across a hallway for your kids to crawl through without touching the streamers. Use pillows and blankets and let your kids make forts to crawl through. Blow up a bunch of balloons and toss them onto a bed sheet, grab the ends of the blanket and toss the balloons into the air and then catch them as you all run in and out (similar to a parachute activity).
  • Outside. You can do the same things outside in warmer weather. Create obstacle courses with hula hoops, cones and a balance beam. Grab tricycles, bikes and scooters and have your kids race each other around the yard. Get creative so it doesn't get boring.

Get The Entire Family Involved

Exercise isn't just important for your kids; it's also important for you as parents as well. Take family walks after dinner, or play basketball or some other sporting activity together to get everyone active. It can even be something as simple as playing tag in the yard with your kids. You can even get family gym memberships so that everyone to get fit at the same time. Gyms usually have a lot of activities for kids as well, including youth sports for kids as young as 18 months old. Look at your local gyms to see what type of youth and adult programs they have available.

Set limits on how much tech time your child has, or have them do active play outside to earn more time. Remember that if your kids see you being more active, it may be a little easier to get your kids more active as well. Make activities fun, be creative and exercise together as a family to get everyone involved.